Silk Fair in Khon Kaen Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Silk Fair in Khon Kaen

Silk Fair in Khon Kaen Thailand Travel GuideAs a major centre for silk production, Khon Kaen will host the Silk Fair from November 29 to December 10. The Silk Fair will be held in conjunction with the “Phuk Siao” (friendship-making ritual) that continues for 12 days. The venue is in front of City Hall and the surrounding area. Colourful street processions and typical northeastern cultural shows will add to the attraction alongside the silk exhibitions, and stalls selling a variety of silk clothing. For details, contact 043-244498/9


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Bangkok Marathon Bangkok Thailand Travel Guide

Bangkok Marathon Bangkok Thailand Travel GuideThis year’s Bangkok Marathon will be held on Sunday, November 24. Like previous years, the starting line for this popular race will be at Sanam Chai in front of the Grand Palace, from where the route passes major tourist sites in the city. The marathon has three categories: for the “real pros”; the 10km “fun run” and the five km “walk-and-run”. Disabled athletes in wheelchairs are welcome to join in the fun. For details, please contact Running for Health Association of Thailand, at 02-280-7667/8

Mekong Festival is back on Ubon Ratchathani Thailand Travel Guide

Mekong Festival is back on Ubon Ratchathani Thailand Travel GuideAs tourists will no doubt remember, the “Amazing Mekong, Chee and Mool Rivers”, due to be held in October, was postponed due to severe flooding in the province. The event will now be held on Saturday, December 7, at Thung Sri Muang in Ubon Ratchathani town. After the opening ceremony, the adventure show moves to Khong Chiam District. On December 8, the much-hyped paramotor rally flight will take place. Other activities include mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing and paddling at Khaeng Tana and Pha Taem National Park. For more information, call (045) 243711, 250714

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